Solution For Major Challenges

Alert Fatigue

Due to huge volumes and varieties of events and alerts, customers find it challenging to cope with it. Thola helps you deal with it effectively with out-of-the-box threat detection rules based on frameworks enabling you to focus on more meaningful and actionable alerts.

Traditional Detection Approach

Historically, the approach for threats detection is reactive and is based on individual alerts, which doesn’t provide complete context of the attacks. Thola comes with behaviour-based rule base libraries which keeps updating as attackers change their tools, tactics and procedures to detect threats in the environment at various stages of their lifecycle.

Ineffective Threat Visualizations

Security analysts find it challenging to visualize and understand the threats to their environment as it requires lot of configuration on analytics tools to build new visualizations. Thola comes with pre-defined visualization dashboards to understand the current picture with local filters and real-time view to drive the analysis effectively and efficiently.

Threat Hunting Capabilities

Traditional SIEM platforms takes much time to apply the queries and hunt for the threats on historical data. As Thola is built on Big Data based technologies, it helps analysts run their queries quickly, hunt for the threats and build the visualizations with ease.

Value For The Customer

  • Enables CISO’s to align threat detection and analytics platform investments to the reality of cyber threats.
  • Makes analyst’s life easier, threat detection rules and easily understandable visualization dashboards running on top of data helps identify threats in near real-time. They can define relations among multiple entities (assets, IOCs, network and previous incidents) to ensure they have better control of the environment.
  • Has capabilities to monitor critical files present in systems.
  • Built on big-data based technologies, it runs your queries much faster and presents you the output in seconds even for years-long query timeframes.
  • Visualization dashboards to understand threats landscape.
  • Helps categorize the incidents by providing additional context of assets, networks, threat intelligence and vulnerability data.
  • MITRE ATT&CK™ and Cyber Kill Chain ® based visualizations and alerting.
  • Integrates with any data source with structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.
  • Collects network flow data and packets to detect the threats at network level and help resolve the operational issues.
  • Provide threat hunting and free-text searching capabilities to users for operational and security monitoring.


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