Security at a glance

“Nearly 43% of all cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses and only 14% are prepared to defend themselves” – Accenture’s Cost of a Cybercrime Study

“Approximately 60% of SMEs will close their doors within six months of a breach, unable to deal with the crippling financial fallout from such an attack.” – National Cyber Security Alliance

“Most organizations don’t know where to start: In the US alone, there were over 280 cybersecurity regulations introduced in 2020.” – National Conference of State Legislators

“52% SMEs do not have any IT security experts in-house.” – Forbes

“83% of small and medium-sized businesses are not financially prepared to recover from a cyber attack.” – Forbes

“Supply chain was responsible for 62% of System Intrusion incidents in 2021” – Verizon

“Approximately 90% of African businesses are operating without the necessary cybersecurity protocols in place.” – Forbes

The Cyber Trust Score is 

Gaining Geographic Traction! 

The ecosystem of businesses utilizing the Cyber Trust Score for insight and to benchmark the state of their cyber posture within an ever-changing cyber threat landscape is growing country-to-country.

Whether you’re looking to secure capital, attract new customers, or aiming to reduce cyber risk from your third-party suppliers, the Cyber Trust Score will help you establish a cyber infrastructure that builds global Trust and confidence in your brand.

The Cyber Trust Score assessment leverages best practices from global frameworks, which makes it transferrable to any market! 


Our Services

Compromise Assessment

Comprehensive threat assessment service to understand the external threats present in your environment

Application Threat Modeling

Detect the threats in your application at very early stage by applying threat modeling to your development, improvement, and integration processes

Global Regulations, Standards, and Certifications Advisory

The service helps you assess your infrastructure and its adherence with compliance guidelines relevant to your business

Penetration Testing

Gain actionable insight into your cloud and physical network vulnerabilities and how hackers can exploit them

Vulnerability Assessment

Our vulnerability assessment will define, identify, classify and address weaknesses across your on-premise and cloud networks

Crypto Cyber Defense

Mitigate institutional, organizational and reputational risk from crypto enabled corruption, drug trafficking, money laundering, and terrorist financing


Some of the world’s leading organizations Trust CyberAlliance

Continental African Logistics Company

The Cyber Trust Score and the add-on products and services helped us meet the global cyber security compliance requirements of our biggest strategic partners. Continental African Logistics Company

Continental African Data Analytics Company

We were once breached and thought our remediation strategy was complete. The Cyber Trust Score helped us better understand why and how we were breached, which cyber gaps are our most critical risk, and CyberAlliance provided us a roadmap to close the gaps we didn't realize still existed. Continental African Data Analytics Company

Continential African Web Application Developer

For some time my team felt Cyber Security was necessary, but the cost was always a barrier. The Cyber Trust Score helped us understand the potential financial cost of being breached and what we need to do to reduce our risk affordably. Continental African Web Application Developer